Consensually is a documentary video series uncovering personal stories, with perspectives on gender, sexuality, race, religion and more. The discussions branch into broader takes on oppression and liberation.

Consensually gets people to communicate about sexual consent, because this leads to more consensual sex. The more we talk about consent, the more we can imagine and build worlds dedicated to mutual care.

With Consensually, the political is always personal and vulnerability is a strength.

Lea, a college senior, confesses to Bryan that she often doesn’t want to have sex. She just does it to please him and because she feels guilty.
The couple reflects on how feminine submission and machismo culture has scripted some of their sex life. Sometimes they resist these scripts, and sometimes it's easier—and actually more pleasurable—to play the part.

Mohamed, a Sudanese human rights activist, was detained for years by an authoritarian political regime. He confronted one of his prison guards years later on the street.
Paullee, his American girlfriend, ran into her rapist from a decade ago when he came in as a customer where she waitressed.
They discuss where their survivor stories intersect, and how we can connect to each other to reclaim our power.

Relationship educators Talia & Danielle have fielded the inquiries and anxieties of hundreds of teenagers, on the topic of sexual consent.
The duo grapples with how patriarchal culture sets boys up to fail, assumes boys and men will always say ‘yes’ to sex—and how all of this makes navigating the gray area in consent even trickier.

Note: this video lacks subtitles.

Kady strayed from Islam, Fatima stayed faithful. This has never stopped them from being each other’s biggest allies.
The Guinean sisters agree that some of their culture’s norms can put women into noncensual situations, sexual or not. They disagree, though, on where these oppressive practices came from.

Note: this video has only partial subtitles. It’s a work in progress!

Three more videos have been filmed and are in the workshop.

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